CIVIL SOCIETY COALITION FOR POVERTY ERADICATION (CISCOPE) is a grouping of over 85 Nigerian civil society organizations with at least a member in every state of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Founded in 2002, CISCOPE's mission is to contribute to  policies and programs geared to reduce and overtime eradicate poverty in Nigeria. From inception, it has served as the national platform for organizing Nigeria's civil society input and perspective into policies and programmes aimed at poverty reduction.

Accordingly CISCOPE's efforts are directed to:-

  • Disseminate information and bridge the gap in poverty knowledge.
  • Develop the capacity of civil society to engage in pro-poor analysis and advocacy
  • Inform and mobilize the poor to enable them participate in the decisions that affect theio lives.
  • Develop in civil society the requisite skills for monitoring programme implementation and output.     

CISCOPE is managed by a National Co-ordinating Committee (NCC).

The National Coordinating Committee

  • Dr. Dom Okoro – Chairperson, South-East
  • Engr. Ralph Ndigwe – South-East
  • Hajia Turai – North-East
  • Tema Liti Agera – North-East
  • Edem Okon Edem – South-South
  • Adudu Yusuf – North-West
  • David Allu – North-Central
  • Sade Taiwo – South-West
  • Mary Ajayi – South-West
  • Hajia Adama Sule – North-West
  • J. C. Makka – North-East
  • Ken. Ukaoha – National Association of Nigerian Traders
  • Andrew Ogba – Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture
  • Hauwa Mustapha – Nigerian Labour Congress
  • Chief O. O. Olaifa – All Farmers Apex Association of Nigeria
  • Nkiru Okoro – CHOD

…towards a poverty-free Nigeria


logo mainCivil Society Coalition for Poverty Eradication (CISCOPE) is a grouping of over eighty five (85) Nigerian civil society organizations with at least a member in every state of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

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